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Thinking of Recital Day & Congrats to our Students Celebrating 10 Years

Today, our students would have been in their costumes on stage dancing their hearts out, but unfortunately this year has been different for all of us. We miss our students and we hope to get back to dancing soon. As we follow local guidelines, we also hope you and your families are safe and healthy.

Each year, we celebrate our students celebrating 10 years and more of dancing with our program. We'd like to congratulate the following students who are   celebrating dancing 10 years this year:

- Parker Blevins
- Bailee Lausch

Look for an email/updates on ofrcdance.com soon as to when students can pick up their costumes and receive their medal for the 2019-2020 dance year.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon and getting back to doing what we love - teaching our students and putting on a dance recital!

Dancingly yours,

OFRC Dance - Ms. Maria, Ms. Courtney, Ms. Lisa, Ms. Christina, Ms. Alexis, Ms. Kim S., Ms. Kelly, Ms. Carleigh, Ms. Amber, Ms. Kim T. & Ms. Melissa

A note from Fran Burkhead, our volunteer chairperson, Tuesday, April 14:

In all my years of volunteering for Dance and Adult Fitness, we have never faced a situation like this Coronavirus.  The dance staff and recreation staff are trying to come up with some solutions, just like our world advisors are trying day by day in an ever changing situation.  Costume orders were placed in December, 2019 (paid in full) and shipped over the past few months.  Their policy has always been "no refunds", which is why we have had a volunteer seamstress to alter costumes to help fit your child, at no charge.  We have a hard enough time trying to get the companies to send us extra material or crotch pieces to remedy the problems.

I have seen, in my many years, that kindness and respect is not a big part of our daily lives anymore; technology has taken over.  Our dance team is just as eager to get back to work and solve some of these issues, but they are unable to override the guidelines that our country has put into place.  The "Halloween costume" remark was made to put a positive spin on a really, awful situation and to inject some humor.  Maybe everyone has lost that.  We do, however, know many children who have dressed in them for Halloween and loved it.

We have fought issues with the Recital for many years, like building space, dressing rooms, lighting staff, program printing, etc.  Every year we put our everything into making the Recital a special day and memory for all of our dance students.  We are trying to keep our Dance program alive, and we need your help and support in such a trying time.  Our students love dance and music; and it's an extremely healthy activity and outlet.  We want to be able to still offer that in the Fall.

Please be patient and I hope you feel it in your heart to work with us, not against us.

Take care - Be safe - God bless.

We are not alone in this.

Fran Burkhead

Message from Monday, April 13:

Hello to all Dance Students, Parents, and Fitness Participants,

We've all been going through some very tough times here lately. After much agonizing deliberation with my staff, we've made some very difficult decisions. Although we have tried to remain hopeful, we all feel that we need to be realistic about the current state of our lives. Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks cancelled all activities on 3/12, with no idea of when it will be safe to return. At this time, we feel we don't have any choice but to end our dance year early; and unfortunately, cancel our Recital. We are all very sad about this, and we did not come to this decision lightly.  We are putting the following guidelines in place:

1.  Students who paid the entire dance registration for the year 2019-2020 will receive a $40.00 discount in the new dance year beginning, hopefully, in October, 2020, if paid in full.

2.  Every student will receive their medal for the dance year 2019-2020.

3.  The younger students who perform in the Daytime Recital that have paid their costume in full will receive their costume. If a balance is still owed, you have the option to pay the balance and receive the costume, or not pay the balance and lose your deposit. All costumes are in and the costume companies have been paid in full; they made it very clear that they will not accept returns or issue refunds. This includes the following classes:  Monday 7:00, Tuesday 5:30, Tuesday 6:35, Wednesday 5:30, Wednesday 6:35, Friday 5:30, Friday 6:30, Saturday 9:00, and Saturday 10:05. When the quarantine is lifted and it is safe for us to meet, we will set up a day and time to pick up your costume. Think of this costume as their Halloween costume for this Fall! New costumes will be ordered for these students for next year's Recital since most will outgrow them.

4.  For the students who perform in the Nighttime Recital, we will hold on to the costume for next year's Recital. Balances will need to be paid, but you have plenty of time for that. This includes the following classes:  Monday 5:15, Monday 8:00, Thursday 5:00, Thursday 6:15, Thursday 7:30, Friday 7:30, and Saturday 11:10.

If you are unsure about what balance might be owed, please call Fran Burkhead at 410-661-1898.

In addition, if you or your child are interested in some warm up exercises or practice steps (not the actual dances) up to the middle of May, please contact your teacher via our Facebook page, OFRC Dance, visit our website http://www.ofrcdance.com or email us at ofrcdance@ofrcdance.com

Regarding the Adult Fitness classes, our Spring session is unfortunately cancelled. We will plan on seeing all of you in October, 2020 for our Fall session.

Please stay healthy and safe; we look forward to seeing all of you in the Fall!  We all love and miss dance!

Dancingly Yours,

OFRC Dance - Ms. Maria, Ms. Courtney, Ms. Lisa, Ms. Christina, Ms. Alexis, Ms. Kim S., Ms. Kelly, Ms. Carleigh, Ms. Amber, Ms. Kim T., and Ms. Melissa

OFRC Adult Fitness - Maria, Courtney, Maria A, Amanda, and Elaine

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